Equity, Diversity, Inclusion

Statement on Equity, Diversity, Inclusion

In all of the work we do SSENC / RESSC strives to treat all with respect and dignity. We welcome diversity in our partnership with other organizations. Our primary concern is to improve social studies education in Canada, and we believe that requires us to embrace the diversity and pluralism that defines our country. We must ensure that our work is inclusive of different perspectives and is informed by the real-life experiences of all Canadians. As teachers of social studies, we realize the intrinsic importance of all interactions, and the need to treat others with compassion and sensitivity.

SSENC/RESSC believes equity, diversity and inclusion can be fostered by positive dialogue between governments, ministries, school boards, individual schools and classroom teachers. This requires relationships that are free from any type of discrimination and harassment and the elimination of all biases and barriers to communication.


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