Learning About Trust



Wondering how to develop students’ capacities to identify trustworthy relationships? Interested in building skills that will help students navigate social media as they determine who is telling them the truth?

The Learning About Trust lessons are designed to help elementary, middle years, and secondary teachers help their students develop skills critical to becoming active, participatory Canadian citizens.

The lessons were developed by SSENC teachers and support social studies and social science curricula across Canada. Engage your students in examining graphic forms of communication, analyzing issues and values, organize information, recognize community helpers and leaders and communicate the results of their inquiries.

Learn more about the CanTrust Index

Engage your students with graphs such as this one, that show an aspect of Canadians’ trust in our institutions and each other.


Trust in community leaders

Middle Years

Trust in democracy


Trust in our communities


CBC Kelowna Daybreak South host interviews SSENC president Rachel Collishaw about the Trust lessons (2:02 to 9:10)


CBC Daybreak North host interviews lesson author and SSENC secretary, Wendy Driscoll about the Trust lessons (1:26:51 to 1:34:12)