The/La Collaborative Classroom guests can bring a new perspective and give students an opportunity to ask questions directly to an expert in their field. The/La Collaborative brings a twist to the idea by connecting Canadian K-12 teachers with Social Science, Humanities, and Arts (SSHA) experts from universities across Canada to support inquiry and project-based learning.

A new kind of resource for Canadian teachers, The/La Collaborative Inquiry Learning aims to enhance the student learning experience by having subject matter experts act as an additional resource for classroom activities. Experts are available to support different stages of the inquiry-learning process your students work on, including developing guiding questions, collecting data, or presenting results for formative or summative assessment, among others.

The/La Collaborative’s connection brokers use an online platform to manage the collaboration process for everyone, easily connecting K-12 teachers with academic experts who are eager to support student learning. All teachers must do is complete a collaboration request!

Students feel inspired to pursue new topics, ideas, and disciplines after engaging directly with SSHA experts in the classroom. If you have any questions or are interested in learning more about organizing a classroom collaboration with an expert please visit our website or contact Philip Rich by email.