The Diefenbaker Canada Centre is developing a new online education program called Engaged Citizenship: Exploring Pathways to Leadership. This is a new curriculum based online resource which is designed in four modules for students to explore governments on themes of citizenship and leadership. In a more specific context, the program is working on engaging students in grades 9-12 in discussions of government in Canada and providing resources for both in-person and online learning. Engaging resources will be beneficial for teachers across Canada to have access to for synchronous or asynchronous learning. SSENC/RESSC will work to share these resources to teachers through the network once they are finalized.

Developed modules cover topics of provincial and territorial governments, the roles of leadership (like the lieutenant governor and territorial commissioner), policy development and working towards students being more informed to have active and engaged citizens. Students and teachers across Canada have submitted questions to help guide content and learning. These questions will be posed to current representatives holding the positions of Lieutenant Governor and Territorial Commissioner.

SSENC/RESSC in their partnership with the Diefenbaker Canada Centre agreed to meet with the DCC to provide round table discussion on purpose and goals and generating connections to outcomes in curriculum. Furthermore, members of SSENC/RESSC signed up to pilot the program within their classrooms for functionality and connectivity. Curriculum connections are many through an inquiry-based approach to learning. Content covers both past and present to wholistically cover democracy for learners. The modules provide opportunity for teachers to pull lessons and resources for subtopics within the modules to use for their classroom delivery.